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Biosporin™ is a biodegradable substitute to expanded polystyrene

Biosporin™ can be used in the packaging, construction or fabrication industry.
flame resistant
lightweight and shock absorbent
thermal insulation
durable and flexible

Products made from Biosporin™ are made using Cradle to Cradle Design as well as Eco-Design

  • The production uses 98% less energy than expanded polystyrene
  • Produced entirely from waste
  • Production process generates no wastewater
  • The production process is carbon negative (it does not emit greenhouse gasses, it reduces them)
  • Biodegrades into usable organic fertilizer

The product is grown, not produced!

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Why should you transition your packaging to Biosporin™?

Capitalize on consumer trends for biodegradable packaging options
Become more eco-friendly
Fit into upcoming regulatory action
Reduce cost for packaging
Coattail on the marketing and benefit
from cross-promotion 
Maintain brand image and packaging competitiveness 

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