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The core of our philosophy is wrapped around sustainability and eco-friendly production and consumption.

Some of the biggest problems our world is facing now revolve around health and the environment. So we have decided to ambitiously target those problems using sustainable biotechnology.

The world is drowning in plastic.

The current state of pollution as a result of treating waste (biowaste, plastic and fertilizers) is unsustainable. The production and disposal of one tonne of plastic release another 8.71 tonnes of CO2, 150kg of ash, and 300kg of solid waste particles and microplastics into the environment. Additionally, composing one tonne of agricultural waste releases 2.5 to 3.7 tonnes of methane into the atmosphere.

Biosporin production technology completely negates sources of pollution, turning it into a carbon-negative process.

For every tonne of Biosporin produced, 0.2 tonnes of CO2 are absorbed from the atmosphere.

One tonne of successfully commercialized Biosporin leads to a reduction of about 8.91 tons of CO2

One tonne of successfully commercialized Biosporin prevents the release of 2.5-3.7 tonnes of methane, about 150 kg of ash, about 300 kg of plastic waste into the environment.


Mushrooms are the nature’s perfect recycling system.

It uses up no energy, produces negligible amounts of greenhouse gasses, and creates useful products.

It is mostly made up of fungi. At the same time, fungi act as little chemical labs, being able to produce a range of beneficial compounds.

During decomposition, Biosporin generates a residue that can be used as a supplementary fertilizer for fields. With the introduction of the use of Biosporin, the costs of plastic removal are nullified. 

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